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WordPress Wartung

We offer you fully comprehensive remote maintenance and remote monitoring for your WordPress project irrespective of your host, server or your own technical knowledge.

Only by fast adaptation and integration into our semi-automatic system can we take over the entire maintenance for your project within a short time.

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Regular Updates

A check several times a day for updates of the WordPress core (main system files), plugins, themes and translation files. The updates are carried out immediately, 1-2 days later or many days later in accordance with a procedure that has been tried and tested over many years.
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A sophisticated back-up strategy with separate and time-shifted back-ups at the database and file level with transfer to external cloud servers in Germany. The transfer and storage takes place exclusively in encrypted form. The frequency of the different back-ups is determined by the frequency of changes to the web project.

Check for Security Vulnerabilities

The daily check for security vulnerabilities is carried out by comparing the installed systems with databases in which vulnerabilities and opportunities for attacks are stored as soon as they become known. All vulnerabilities, whether in WordPress itself, in themes or in plug-ins, therefore become known as quickly as possible so that you can react immediately.
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Failure Monitoring

Failure monitoring is carried out in real time (ping on your side every minute). Here a check is carried out as to whether the website can be reached - i.e. whether the server is working, there is no error present that is preventing the page from being displayed and the SSL certificate is valid.

Prevention / Optimization

Through specially optimized configuration files (.htaccess, wp-config.php) and optimization of the cronjob, the WordPress instances receive improved performance and increased security.

Malicious Code Check

The web pages are checked for potential, typical, already-present malicious code. The so-called malware may be found in all files, as well as in the database. An attempt is made to find and remove this according to its typical patterns before it is used.

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