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Controlling and mapping business processes correctly

Requirements Analysis

Before starting work we need an analysis

In detailed discussions, on the basis of checklists and, if desired, during on-site meetings, we get to know your work processes, record them and provide recommendations for optimisation.
Once the sales channels, existing hardware and software, the requirements under judicial and fiscal law, as well as your personnel base have been recorded, the analysis is complete.

Evaluation & Planning

We love it when a plan works.

On the basis of the collected data and our experience, we develop a proposed solution to optimise all your business processes. We present you with the result and discuss a timetable, workflow and expenditure plan.

Integration and Implementation

Here we go!

From acquisition and licence negotiations to employee training, we are involved in the conversion to your new system. Depending on the agreement, we take over everything or only partial tasks.

Support and Servicing

We are waiting...

If you wish, we take care of you and offer support in your daily life, help you with your further development or changes in the processes or software.

ERP - Überblick
weclapp overview

The System - The Software

With full conviction we rely on the powerful Cloud ERP in over 95% of all applications. We are a licensed weclapp Premium Partner.

Cloud ERP software to control your entire company.

The old way. Complex and expensive.
The new way. Simple and inexpensive.
weclapp Funktionen
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weclapp - also for your industry!

  • E-Commerce
  • Retail trade
  • Production
  • Wholesale trade
  • Agency
  • Management consultancy
  • IT service
  • Systems house

5 good reasons for weclapp

ERP system of the year 2017/2018

weclapp has been awarded the title "ERP System of the Year" by a jury of experts chaired by Prof. Dr. Gronau of the University of Potsdam.

All-in-one – Everything in just one software package

weclapp supports all business areas: CRM, merchandise management system, accounting & invoicing program. The use of a single solution ensures significant time & cost savings and transparency.

Intuitive User Guidance

weclapp inspires with its clear, modern user interface: intuitive & easy to use! Inline help and recommendations for action make working with the software particularly easy.

Optimised Workflows

The automatic display of the next logical step in the working process, as well as numerous workflow automations, relieve employees of routine tasks, minimising effort and errors.

Software Made in Germany

weclapp is a German company from Marburg. All data is stored in Germany in accordance with the strict German data protection regulations. The computer centre in Frankfurt am Main has received many certifications (including ISO 27001).

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