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Data protection concerns us all!

... most of all, you as an employer. Are you aware that you need to meet many obligations since the German Basic Regulation for Data Protection (DSG-VO) took effect in May 2018, and this is completely independent of the number of employees, who work for you? Do your data protection provisions comply with the current rules? Did you complete all necessary order processing agreements? Did you issue your list of procedures and is it up to date? Did you perform necessary impact assessments? If you respond only to one of the questions with “no”, you risk severe fines.

Benjamin Stauß

No consultation / Service without training

Since August 2019, Benjamin Stauß is a certified data protection officer, and can therefore in addition to offering consultation and performing data protection services also officially work as an external data protection officer for businesses.

External data protection officer

Are you sure that your business does not require an external data protection officer? Even if this not the case, such an officer can increase confidence in your business.
Benefits of an external data protection officer:

  • High-level professional competence
  • Extensive theoretic and practical knowledge/li>
  • Best-practice solutions
  • Experience with implementation
  • External view on your business
    (no operational blindness)