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About me

  • Benjamin Stauß

    Benjamin Stauß

    I was born in Dezember 1979 in Munich, Germany. After I grew up there I came to "Niederbayern". I studied computer science with side economy in Passau.

  • After that I did a training in gastronomy and worked there for 10 years as restaurant manager. During this time I developed software and websites.

  • Now I am self-employed web developer and I am working as freelancer from my home office in Simbach, Bavaria with the best infrastructure on the edge of the forest.

The fast way

  • Benjamin Stauß Webentwicklung
    Schlesierstr. 18
    94436 Simbach

    Tel.: 09954 - 70 00 768
    Fax: 09954 - 70 00 783
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